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Bongaerts Recycling can provide you with a bespoke container-hire service for sustainable waste treatment

A range of containers for selective collection

Want to know more? 

Then please feel free to get in touch with Bongaerts Recycling for more information or a quote!

Do you need a container for your waste or rubble? 

Bongaerts Recycling in Houthalen-Helchteren, Limburg has a wide range of skips and waste containers to cater for a variety of waste and needs. Whether it concerns business waste, construction waste, rubble, glass, wood, green waste, paper and cardboard, plastic, residual waste and other waste streams, we have a solution to suit you. 


Our container service includes Rollonoff containers, Twin Containers, Automatic compactors, Stationary compactors. You can order and hire a waste container from us at very short notice. In that case, we will also make an immediate arrangement regarding when to deliver and collect the container again once it's full. 


For smaller amounts of waste or internal collection we also have knapsack recycling bags, office boxes and smaller containers

Bongaerts Recycling container hire provides targeting recycling for your waste.

Container type

Our container service includes the following containers:  

  •   Sales containers

  •   roll containers

  •   Self-pressing containers

  •   Duo containers

  •   Stationary press containers

  •   desk boxes

  •   Knapsacks

How does it work?

If you want to rent a container, it is best to contact us (via the  contact form , telephone number or  email address ). We agree together when we place and collect the container. Our specialists will collect the container on the agreed date. This is also possible on request when the container is full.

Are you unsure about the container type or size? Don't hesitate and take  Contact  with us!

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