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Do you have any waste paper and cardboard, newspapers, magazines or books? Bongaerts Recycling nv, will ensure they are reused

The collection and processing of old paper and cardboard

Bongaerts Recycling from Houthalen-Helchteren in Limburg has been a reliable partner for the collection and recycling of old paper and cardboard. We offer a regular service to companies, local authorities and private clients. 


Domestic waste paper includes absolutely everything: folders, printing paper, cards, packaging, cardboard etc. whereas waste paper from businesses is primarily cardboard in all its forms. We have the best collection methods to ensure quick transport and optimal sorting and processing, after which the paper and cardboard can be completely re-used. 


Want to know more about the collection and recycling of waste paper and cardboard by Bongaerts Recycling? Contact us for more information with no obligation!

Want to know more? 

Then please feel free to get in touch with Bongaerts Recycling for more information or a quote!

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