Collection and treatment of a range of waste streams for optimal & sustainable re-use

We reclaim to recycle

Thanks to our years of experience in waste management and recycling for various waste streams Bongaerts Recycling (Houthalen-Helchteren, Limburg) can offer tailored solutions. We provide responsible waste collection, transport and treatment for businesses, local authorities, organisations and individuals. 

By collecting pre-sorted waste make the waste treatment process much simpler. We also have a number of different lorries, containers and other collection options to make it easier for you, the customer. We will agree on the Bongaerts Recycling collection schedule for your waste with you. Of course, you can also bring your waste to our company at any time. 

Our waste treatment is always conducted in accordance with strict safety and environmental regulations. Consequently, a large portion of our waste is given a new purpose which is our precise aim. 

Bongaerts Recycling can help you to dispose of your waste, ask for more info!

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