Discreet and certified destruction of files and documents in accordance with the applicable regulations

100% secure destruction with confidence

Your files are full of confidential information, but sometimes all of those boxes and piles of paper just take up too much room. So contact Bongaerts Recycling in Houthalen-Helchteren (Limburg). We will destroy them for you with full confidentiality. 

We have special containers for file destruction with a capacity of 240 litres. They have a closed cover with a documents slot, where you can deposit your documents easily, but which can't be removed manually. 

The destruction of documents or files is a matter of trust. That's why we employ staff especially for this purpose who destroy your files in a separate area. Once your files have been processed we will issue you with an official certificate of destruction. 

Clearing out your files? Ask for information about Bongaerts Recycling's reliable destruction service!

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